Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Alembic Toma_Hawk Bass

The Alembic Toma_Hawk was about
making a Series Bass
"Cross Over" to "THE LAND OF FUNK"
and be "FUNK-TISED".

From a pure design perspective,
this is the bass I told
Stanley Clarke, if I was in
the bass design game, I would
had built this bass for him

and Larry Graham 30 years ago
because I believe it would had
provide the versatility, and
freedom not known to any bass
I seen them play. As for Bootsy,
I believe his Famous Space Bass
would be quite jealous LOL!

Yes, I agree, this is a bold
statement, but it's the truth.
The Funk styl
e of playing had
moved this industry, and I hope
musician start considering
designing their instruments,
that honestly addresses, and
supports their style of playing
instead of "one type fit all"...

Also, I can't see paying over
$10,000 - $30,000 on a body design
that never considered Slap, Pop, Strum,
or Thump playing styles. For me,
is cool, but it's year "2010" for heaven
sakes, Design a bass for the Funk!
(So, I did...)

Alembic Inc. get's my deepest
blessings for taking on such a
challenge, and they did an
outstanding job in raising
the Bar! (LOL!!!)

I can only pray, they continue to support
others as they'd supported my dreams.
I simply can't thank them enough for what
they did in the past, and what they done
for me.

Honestly, if I known this
bass would sound this good, if
Toma_Hawks were available;
I would had paid double or
even triple the price, because
the sound and design is just

But since I came up with the concept,
and design, I was given a generous
and righteous discount.

P.S. - Some Alembics are more hollowed
(like my 1976 Shorty) and it gives that
"Traditional Alembic sound..."

However, Toma_Hawk is
"PURE MUSCLE" with no fillers...

In fact, my drummer said
the Toma_Hawk's vermilion wood
markings, looked as if the skin
was striped -- exposing only
the muscle cells... (a very
good analogy indeed). LOL!!!

Peace and love,


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